designer: Elizaveta Vankova
photographer: Roman Potapov
studio, 45 m2
The apartment serves as a temporary residence for a young family. The customers bought the real estate in the center of Moscow to avoid traffic and the long commute to work from their house in the countryside. The family spends free time in their house on the weekends.
We developed the plan of the flat around the natural lighting, so put all the living areas in the rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows so they are well-lit. There is everything they could possibly need in this area: a workspace, dining area, TV zone and 2 sleeping places (double bed and sofa).
A pillar separates the workspace from the sleeping area. We increased the size of the pillar and made niches in it on two sides. This made space for books above the desk in the work area and also space near the bed to remove the need for a nightstand. The main sleeping area has a double bed, which is separated from the additional sleeping area, the black sofa, by a wall.
On the opposite side of the apartment is an auxiliary area that has everything you need: a bathroom, wardrobe, kitchen and hallway. We decided to make the kitchen as minimalist as possible and to hang infrared lamps over the worktops to warm up the food since the clients prefer to have food delivered during the workweek.
The interior palette is based on a combination of black and white tones and is supplemented with brown tones from the natural materials used, such as wood and bricks. When the customers were in Italy, the wife of the client had been impressed by the energy of the wall of love in Verona, so she wanted to incorporate this print in the interior, so we recreated it on the wall behind the bed.
Instead of a TV, we used a compact projector LG that measures 120 inches.