designer: Elizaveta Vankova
photographer: Roman Potapov
2 bedrooms, 110 m2
An apartment for a young couple in Moscow, that is often named in Russia as the modern classic style. It was important for the customers to have a cozy and warm interior, and for all the upholstered furniture to be comfortable and the interior be practical.
We changed the original plan of the flat, and so made space for a master bedroom, guest room and potential children’s room in the future, a large open plan living room and kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 wardrobes and a hallway.
This floorplan gave us some benefits. We increased the living area where the clients spend time with guests. We avoided long useless hallways that were there before by making access to the bedrooms directly off of the living room. We separated the entrance hall from the living area, which is very useful for maintaining cleanliness in the house and leaving dirt from the street at the front door, so as to not spread it through the apartment.
For the interior we introduced warm beige-brown tones with brass details. We made many decisions on the interior that specifically created a spacious yet cozy environment. We made the wooden panel by the front door and extended it up to the ceiling so that the doorway corners were not spoiled.
A flexible wood veneer wallcovering made from walnut separates the living area from the kitchen. The wood wall and the decor panels beside the TV conceal the long plain walls and give the room more beauty and harmony. In the master bedroom, flexible wood veneer wallcovering hides the pillar near the TV and frames the mirror from floor to ceiling.
On the floor in the hallway, in the wardrobe and in the bathroom by the entrance there are ceramic tiles with a white marble texture and light gray beige streaks. Using the same floor finishing allows for soft and harmonious changes from one space to another. In the second bathroom and the kitchen we used a sand color ceramic floor tile also with a marble texture.
We ordered a custom coffee table, which we placed in the living room behind the TV. We had the table top made from marble with a natural glitter, which matches the textured worktop in the kitchen.
All rooms have 2 types of lighting: vivid and soft thanks to the LED lighting. During the installation of the LED lighting we took into account the angle of refraction, thus the illumination is very soft and scattered. In general, the customers use the LED lighting to give a calm and relaxing atmosphere after the workday in the evening.
In the project, we took into account the practical qualities of all the materials, paying particular attention to the upholstered furniture. Before we bought it, we checked it together.