designer: Elizaveta Vankova
photographer: Roman Alekseev
2 bedrooms, 132.5 m2
The apartment belongs to a couple with a cute little dog. They bought the real estate in the famous skyscrapers of “Moscow City” with the finishing and an equipped bathroom and kitchen. There is 1 master bedroom, 1 guest room, 2 bathrooms, an open planned kitchen and living room, and a hallway.
The clients wished to move into the apartment quickly therefore we mainly chose furniture that was in stock. Thus it was a quest to find a suitable solution, organize and optimize having multiple deliveries over the space of a few days to the tower on the 56th floor.
The developer decorated the interior with neutral tones and modern finishing, but the client desired something with a modern American style with vintage elements. Therefore, we had the aim of finding a careful balance between modern and vintage decor.
Firstly, we started with large objects such as cabinetry with simple classic facades and nice handles. We designed the mirrors on the facades of the cabinets to increase space in the hallway and guest room. We opted for a modern design in the master bedroom – a wardrobe with glass doors and led lighting inside, which gives the room a more luxury look.
In the bedrooms we combined a classic upholstered headboard with more modern and simple upholstered furniture, such as the sofa and armchairs. In particular, we placed emphasis on the comfort of all the upholstered furniture.
One of the last decor elements chosen was the photos of the impressive/beautiful Italian views for the frames in the bedroom and hallway, that is the favorite country of the customers.