designer: Elizaveta Vankova
2 bedrooms, 64 m2
The apartment is in a luxury residential complex with doormen in the reception in Moscow. The developer sold the apartment with the finishing, but the work quality wasn’t satisfactory. That's why we changed a lot and improved some things according to the client's needs. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and was designed for a mother and daughter.
The interior palette is based on black and white colors, and for coziness we added wood and warm beige and brown earth textures. The project idea is to remove superfluous decor, to create simple clear lines and to maintain maximum free space.
The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room and kitchen. The bedroom area in the master bedroom only has the necessary things such as a bed, a nightstand on one side and a dressing table on the other side. All clothes storage is in the wardrobe and the private bathroom.
Additionally, there are well-designed sockets in the furniture. For example, in the bathroom, the sockets are behind a hanging mirror cabinet above the sink. All cosmetic products will be stored in there and also an electric toothbrush and other equipment can be charged inside of the cabinet. The hanging cabinet under the sink also has sockets inside for a hair dryer and hair straighteners. This is very useful for accelerating the morning routine. Also we played a bit with the tile direction on the wall, vertical tiles make the ceiling feel higher and horizontal tiles in the niches make the space more interesting and dynamic.
In the hanging nightstand, we put sockets to charge devices and to avoid having visible wires on the table top. In the children's room, the desk has a folding part of the tabletop with a space for sockets and computer wires.
We decided to place the dining area in the living room near the picture window. Horizontal stripes on the wall seamlessly zone the area. The shelves with LED lighting above the sofa provide a space for the client’s book collection and plants, therefore we were able to save a lot of floor space and decorate the wall.
In the hallway, we put a hanging cabinet for clothes, with a space underneath for shoes and a pouf. On the other side there is another cabinet for the washing machine, dryer and household items. The bathroom contains a shower made from microcement, like the sink, which makes the space more warm and relaxing. Also, we put the cat’s litter tray above the sink and behind the curtain, so it was out of sight.