designer: Elizaveta Vankova
photographer: Evgeny Gnesin
3 bedrooms, 135 m2
An apartment with 3 bedrooms for a young couple with 2 children in Moscow. The interior pallet was chosen with cold colors and combined with warm wood textures and black accent details.
The hallway separates the public and private spaces of the apartment. On one side there is a kitchen, a living room, a wardrobe and a laundry room and on the other side there is a master bedroom, 2 children’s rooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 wardrobes. The kitchen has its own space, separated from the living room by a wall and glass doors. The entrance is located away from other areas, which helps in winter to leave dirt by the door and prevent it spreading from outside.
There are oak wall panels and doors up to the ceiling in the hall in the private zone, which visibly separates it from the common zone. Thanks to asymmetry panel placement and diagonal LED strip lights we escaped the feeling of a long narrow hallway and created an interesting asymmetrical space.
One of the first things that the client asked for was a wine coloured sofa in the living room, which became a vivid accent and complemented the marble wall behind the TV.
In this project, we focused on using sustainable and very practical materials because the son of the client is very curious and super active, therefore the customer wanted to use material that would withstand wear and tear from the child. Thus, we decided to use metal primed corners and painted them the wall color so that they were invisible.
In the dining area of the kitchen the wood floor continues into the niche behind the TV, which makes the space more dynamic and distinguishes the dining area from the kitchen.
In the master bedroom and children’s rooms we chose floating beds without legs, which are very practical for cleaning and avoids the risk of stubbing toes :)