Elizaveta Vankova

My name is Lisa. I've been doing interior design for 6 years. During this time, I have completed more than 130 projects for houses, apartments, skyscrapers and commercial premises in Spain, Italy and Russia. I speak English, Spanish, Russian, German and French
studio head
My philosophy is integrity and high-level service. I’m adopting my modern approach from digital companies, which makes my work better quality and stand out among competitors
I do turnkey projects. I work with different levels of complexity and scale projects because one of my main advantages is adapting to specific tasks
Every project for me is, first and foremost, from a unique individual for whom we create an interior. One big story, which is worked on by me and my team with a sincere and genuine interest in their work
Russian design is known for its high detail and the implementation of complex technical solutions, which has allowed me and my team to gain rich experience and develop a flexible mindset
5 years of work in one of the most digitally developed and highly competitive capitals has given me the opportunity to adopt and adapt all modern trends in the approach to working both within a team and with the client
I value the client's time, so I carefully prepare for our meetings, optimize and structure information as much as possible and keep up to date with all current processes. Also, many of our processes are digitized, so that no matter where in the world my client is, he is always aware of the processes taking place on his project and in construction