Elizaveta Vankova

I've been doing interior design for 7 years. During this time, I have completed more than 130 projects for houses, apartments, skyscrapers and commercial premises in Spain, Italy and Russia. I do refurbishments and decorations. Also I speak English, Spanish, Russian, German and French
interior designer/architect
My philosophy is good faith and sincere high-level service make my work better quality that stand out me apart from other studios
According to client's opinions my passion to architecture world and a diverse experience early made me a great specialist
no better motivation then inspiration. An incredible passion to my job and Mallorca's architecture took me here, also an opportunity to work with people from whole world
A wealth experience of work with West and East people gave me a knowledge as a high detail performance of complicated solutions as well to explore ideas and quality
long experience in a smart and highly competitive city has given me the opportunity to adopt all modern trends. Thus the client feels convenient working with me wherever he's
I value the client's time so I always prepare to our meetings in advance, optimize information, digitize it and keep informed of the work processes