designer: Elizaveta Vankova
1 bedroom, 210 m2
Palma de Mallorca
The project aim was to demonstrate a Mediterranean interior in my portfolio and to experiment with the Mediterranean style during the lockdown. The inspiration for it was researching Spanish, Mediterranean and foreign interiors.
In the project, I used the concept and materials that weren't characteristic to northern interiors. The walls, floor and ceiling are made from microcement. In the bathroom, the bathtub and the sink are made from microcement.
I had the aim of creating a bright and open space with a minimalist style. The furniture is made from natural materials such as wood and rattan. Throughout the whole house there are simple lines, minimal things and maximum air-flow/ventilation.
In the bathroom there is brass integrated plumbing. The workspace is in the hallway near the panoramic window with a nice view. The kitchen facades are also made from brass.